Field Rules for Airsoft

1) All participants use ONLY Airsoft guns in their games. These guns must conform to the joule rating of 1.5 (see chart below). 

2) All participants MUST wear eye protection, anyone who continues to be a problem in terms of wearing eye protection during games will be banned from playing. Nobody wants to be responsible for shooting someone’s eye out.

3) If struck by an airsoft BB then the player is hit and for purposes of the game is considered "killed." This means that the player is out of the current game unless special rules are being followed (see below for scenarios). Most times when "killed" in a game there is a safe-zone where the killed player waits for the next game to begin if uncertain about whether being already hit or not, then this is the benefit of the doubt is considered and the player must count himself or herself KILLED, arguments during a game. Whenever someone player is hit during the game, he or she must call out “HIT!” and then walk to the designated safe-zone with the weapon held high over the head. Be sure to do so since other players may assume the killed player is still in the game if not. A player that repeatedly causes problems with calling himself out will be told to sit out for a number of games at the refs discretion.

4) A game ref and the owner/s have the final say period.

5) If a player uses something not approved by a referee appropriate action will be taken.


7) No Pyrotecnic devices are allowed.

8) If police or law enforcement proceed on to the field immediately stop playing and put your gun
 down and alert other players to do the same.

9) Those who are in the safety area must be 3 feet from the net that marks the game zone at all times unless they are wearing face protection.

10) Blind firing is not allowed. (When the player cannot see where they are shooting)

A. Field Conduct 

Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players one must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. As such, it is each player's responsibility to maintain a proper attitude toward all other players. Any player refleting un-sportsmanlike conduct, including yelling, obscene behavior, cursing, or disrupting play can be suspended from play. 

If a teammate gets hit, and he or she did not feel it, inform them of the hit so that he or she can call himself or herself out. 

Any form of physical altercation (i.e. fighting) will not be tolerated. If a player is ever involved in a fight, he will be suspended from play.

Do not shoot at the players in the field from the sideline. 

Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit. 

Eliminated players are forbidden to communicate with those still playing. (Dead men tell no tales)

B. Hits 

Any hit to any part of the body or gear counts as a kill (including camel backs, etc). 

Friendly fire counts! If hit by a fellow teammate, then this is considered a KILL. 

Minimum engagement distance is 15 feet (snipers 75 feet), if closer say “safety” loud and clear and that person is considered killed, if two or more players say “safety” at the same time all parties are killed.

Rubber knife hits count as a kill (this includes being hit by a thrown rubber knife). 

Ricochets do not count. 

Thrown grenades have a 10 foot kill radius

Launched grenades have a 15 foot kill radius.

C. Once a Player Is Hit 

Immediately yell "hit" as loud as all the players can hear while raising both hand/gun in the air and RUN off the playing field. It is highly recommended to have a red rag that a killed player can place on his or her head as he/she leaves the field to indicate a kill. 

Do not shoot after being hit, while leaving the field, or as a spectator. 

Once a player is hit he/ she is not allowed to communicate to those still playing.

D. Surrender (aka safety)

Minimum engagement distance is 15 feet (75 feet for snipers)  if closer say “safety” loud and clear and that person is considered killed, if two or more players say “safety” at the same time all parties are killed.

Medic Rules 

When players get shot, they stay where they are, and call for 'Medic'. A ‘Medic’ is a player who can revive the player who gets hit. There can be only one nominated ‘Medic’ in each team.

Note: some games have different rules and will be specified by the ref before the game begins if any question of the rules arises please ask your ref to clarify.