Airsoft Information For Parents

Industry experts say Airsoft gun risks are controllable, but it takes more than buying face protection.

Learn and follow firearm safety guidelines.

Teach your child safe gun handling rules and make sure he uses them.

Never look down the barrel of the gun.

Buy and make sure your child uses full face protection (such as a paintball mask).

Provide an appropriate place for your child to play Airsoft games. (like a regulated field like Disruptive Paintball)

Actively supervise Airsoft games that are not on a field.

Make sure the orange tip stays on and clearly visible. (Local laws may vary)

As long as the proper safety gear is worn injuries are few and far between. 

Airsoft guns cannot be modified to fire real ammunition.

Law enforcement might mistake an airsoft replica as a real firearm so they should be transported in a bag or case.


Always point an Airsoft gun in a safe direction.

Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Never point your Airsoft gun at animals.

Always remove the magazine and/or disconnect the battery until you are ready to use the gun – simply turning on the safety is not enough.

When playing with Airsoft guns, you and everyone around you must be at least wearing eye protection – full face protection is highly recommended.

The orange tip does not protect you: most people do not know about Airsoft guns and they will assume that these are real guns.

Use Airsoft guns only in areas where it is not prohibited by law.

Do not use or display Airsoft guns in public places such as schools, parks, etc.

Always transport Airsoft guns inside a box or a bag.

When using Airsoft guns, make sure everyone within view of you understands what you are playing with and what you are doing.

If you use your Airsoft guns to threaten another person or vandalize property, you will be charged with a committing a serious crime.