Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find a listing of the most Frequently Asked Questions.  They provide basic information that most first time visitors will need when visiting our facility. 


What should I wear?
Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is best. We recommend long sleeves and baggie pants or jeans.  Since you are on your feet a lot of the time, wearing a good pair of shoes is important. You should wear shoes that provide ankle protection and also have decent cushioning.  Please do not wear sandals and high heels for paintballing.

What should I bring?

Disruptive Paintball offers everything you need for a great day of paintball.  We also sell light refreshments such as drinks and chips but feel free to bring your own water and food.  Make sure you bring extra cash to purchase snacks or paintballs, credit cards are accepted but with extra transaction fee.

What is the minimum age you must be to participate?

7 years old

Is it customary to tip the refs?

Being a ref is a hard job.  Tips are always appreciated but never required.  So, if you feel your referee exceeded your expectations 2-5 dollars per person is typical.

Why do we have to buy paint from you?

Your safety is our top priority.  Some players may want to purchase paintballs from a big box store such as Walmart. We highly suggest you never use any type of cheap paintballs such as bonus balls as they have been know to cause serious injury.  The paintballs we sell are softer, gelatin like, industry and insurance approved. Our paintball costs are very reasonable.

What is a paintball and does it hurt when you get shot?
There is only one way to find out!  How much a paintball hurts depends on how much padding you wear. Generally though, the thrill of the game will overshadow any pain that might be felt from a hit.  A player can count on leaving the field with a few welts, but they make great visual aids when recounting paintball stories to your buddies.

How do I redeem discount coupons and what are the terms?
Click HERE for Coupon Terms and Conditions

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