Have Your Birthday Party at Disruptive Paintball!

Looking to make your next Birthday unforgettable? Try paintball if you want the best Birthday ever! Whether you have experience, or have never played before, paintball birthday parties are just about as much fun as you can have on your special day! Have your party at the finest facility in Tucson has to offer. If you want a truly incredible birthday experience, bring your birthday party to Disruptive Paintball!

Safe and Fun for Children’s Birthday Parties
If you’re a parent looking to plan your child’s next birthday party, safety is probably on your mind, especially when you will have other children at your party. In addition to paintball being one of the safest activities in the world, Disruptive Paintball goes the extra-mile to ensure that all safety equipment is worn at all of the proper times. We take safety extremely seriously and all play areas are staffed with properly trained referees, who will enforce all proper safety initiatives. If we feel that any player is compromising their own safety or the safety of others at the field, that player will be removed from play immediately.
All of the safety equipment that Disruptive Paintball provides is inspected and maintained daily. We are capable of providing rental equipment, which fits both Adults and Children alike, so there is never any feeling of discomfort or possibility for safety to be compromised.

Disruptive Paintball Makes It Easy!

Disruptive Paintball is a world-class paintball facility which hosts Birthday parties all the time and knows how to make your experience truly top notch! Our facility provides endless hours of fun and truly makes for an unforgettable experience.

Can I bring my own food, drinks, cake?
You sure can! Save money buy bringing your own food and birthday cake! We offer light refreshments such as drinks and snacks but you are able to bring your own cooler to keep your guest fueled up for paintball.

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