Disruptive Products Retail Store on Grant Road also sells many types of Airsoft Guns, Apparel and accessories.


Disruptive Airsoft Only Field  -  Favela


We are opening our all new AIRSOFT ONLY Field!   No paintballs on this field! 

Airsoft Field Hours
Located off Tangerine Rd.
8:30am - 12:00pm

*Please show up 15 min prior to start time to sign in.

Entry Fees (If you have your own equipment)

$15 - per person for entry to Disruptive Airsoft  session and BBs not included.

Rental Package

$30 - Includes Entry, Tippmann CQB HPA Systems, Remote line, Unlimited Air, Air Tank, Tactical Vest, Sling, Mask and (x2) 350rd Wind Mags.  These rentals are top of the line.   These will compete with the polarstar guns used by the most serious airsofters.* If you rent our equipment, you must use our BB's *